Turismo Nuevo Mundo, a division of TNM Corp, is a Tour Operator Company that specializes in shore excursions, pre/post cruise tours and leisure travel. Our offices are located within ports of call in Cetral and South America including Guatamala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

We handle all logistics related to our tours and excursions as well as pier, hotel, and airport transfers in/out and hotel bookings.

Our knowledgeable guides and staff members have extensive experience working in the cruise and travel industries. Although it is our specialty, our services are not exclusive to cruise guests. We also handle incentive programs, leisure travel, conventions, eco-tours and all types of group and individual travel.

Quality tours and attention to detail in customer service have made Turismo Nuevo Mundo a respected leader in professional tourism.

Turismo Nuevo Mundo Building, Muelle Prat s/n, Valparaíso,Chile.
Office Tel: (56-32) 225 3817

Alicia Moureau de Justo 846/872, Piso 3, Oficina 10, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Office Tel: (54 11) 5031 3052 / Fax : (54 11) 5031 2911

Rua General Camara, 168/11, Centro Santos, SP Brazil
Office Tel: (55-13) 3223 4252

Telephone in USA: (561) 422-4177

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